Last Day in Tohoku

Today marks our last day in Tohoku. Our time spent in Tohoku was my favorite part because I’ve learned and done so much stuff that I would otherwise not be doing. In the morning, I woke up at around 7 a.m. to have a final breakfast with my host family. My host mother had to leave early and go to work, so we had to say our goodbyes to her early.

Me and my host mother

Around 9 a.m., we arrived at Minamisanriku Sansan Shotengai to meet the rest of our group. Once the rest of the group arrived, we got to say our farewells to our host families. When our host father drove away, we continued to wave until we couldn’t see the car any more, which is an idea we got from the other people we met throughout the program that said farewell to us. We then went inside the center to work on an idea that the group decided to come up with. The idea was to decorate a bottle and fill it with messages from our group to those who lost their lives and those who survived the disaster. The plan was then to place the bottle at the memorial site for the disaster. Due to this being our last day in Tohoku, we had to finish this project in about an hour. After finishing the bottle, we went to the memorial site and we recorded us placing the bottle.

Afterwards, we were given a tour of Matsushima, by children that were learning English and aspired to be tour guides. The children gave us a tour of the the Zuiganji Temple, Entsuin Temple, and the Kanrantei Tea House. We were split into groups and were assigned one tour guide. Our tour guide was quite a shy person and because his English was still developing it was hard for him to communicate, but nevertheless I was impressed with the tour he gave at such a young age, even with the limited amount of English he knew. The tour ended at the tea house, where got a chance to try drink tea and look out at the nice view, while talking more with our tour guides. After the tour was done, we got on a train back to Tokyo. Once we arrived in Tokyo, I had to prepare my belongings to go to homestay the very next day.

Raven Bluford
Banneker Academic HS

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