Korey on the Mayor of Minamisanriku

Korey Blog Mayor 7.23.15The Mayor of Minamisanriku is a very powerful and driven man. Even after the devastating tsunami and watching everything get taken and destroyed; watching his home, town, and precious belongings be taken away, he still works so hard for his town. The thing that the mayor taught me was that something good can always come from the bad, no matter how bad it is. This can be applied to any and everything, no matter how big or small the matter. I like how he he’s moving forward and “never looks down.” The mayor’s determination to help his people and make Minamisanriku grow and adapt to its current situation of recovering from the disaster is just an example of strong leadership. I would hope that I could be this strong if needed.

Korey Carter
Friendship Collegiate Academy

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  1. That is a awesome way of interpreting his experience. Great journal entry. Keep writing them because I’m enjoying them.

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