Korea Town

Today was legit one of the best days of my life. Rey, Shawma, Raven, Hide, and I spent our free day in Tokyo together. Earlier in the program when we had a little free time at the end of the day we planned to go to karaoke, but everyone was so tired. That’s a hint about what we did today!

It started around 10 when we met at Shinjuku station. From there as a group we headed to Shin-Okubo or K-town T-T. If I haven’t mentioned it earlier, Raven and I are completely obsessed with Kpop and Kdramas. So you can imagine my excitement. It felt like when we landed in Japan for the first time, the thrill of seeing Japanese on a sign instead of English. This time though, it was Korean. Being the Koreaboo (person who is obsessed with the Korean wave) I, as many people in the group know, sadly have better Korean than Japanese. I was literally in heaven just walking past Korean beauty and grocery stores. Then out of nowhere Raven and I noticed a picture of a kpop group named EXO. We were ready to risk it all and spend all our money at that store. Then Rey said, this is nothing compared to what you’ll see when we really get to the town.

We..weren’t..in..the..town..yet?? I couldn’t understand that. My heart wasn’t ready. Then I saw for myself. I heard kpop everywhere, saw my favorite people on every screen, and splurged on so much kpop merchandise, and I would spend all my money on it again. Hide, Shawma, and Rey were so surprised at how Raven and I completely turned into different people. We were fan girls. While in Korea town, Raven and I were being cheap to save our money for kpop merchandise, so we ate Korean Pancakes for lunch. I had a honey one, I don’t know if it was because it was Korean, but it tasted like heaven, just saying.

We shopped in a few more kpop stores then headed to the karaoke room. We had so much fun. We sang Japanese, Korean, and English songs. For hours on end, at the top of our lungs we shouted Call Me Maybe and Sakura Chiru. One point was very interesting when Hide sang by himself. He had a beautiful voice, we were all so amazed, imagine that. After around 3-4 hours of karaoke we were worried about how our voices would sound at the presentation tomorrow. Despite that, we kept going, we lived for then! Afterwards we stopped at a few more kpop stores and then headed home.

I have never had so much fun in my life. I had so much fun with them. I think about those experiences every single day. I feel like a changed person. After only four weeks of being together we were family. I loved hanging out with them so much. I felt pure happiness. TOMODACHI thank you SO MUCH. Honestly, I gained experiences, great friends, and kpop merchandise. I’m so emotional right now. I cannot thank you enough.

Skyy Genies
Banneker Academic HS

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