I woke up early this morning

I woke up early this morning. i was writing my blog outside because it was very mystical. Luckily I had a chance to go for a walk with my hostdog Ginsan. We walked on the beach for about twenty minutes. He was so cute.

After that we did a farewell ceremony at the Portal Center. I was a little sad to say goodbye but I soon realized I lived nearby so I told him that I will come back again.

At noon, we had cow tongue at the cow tongue restaurant. I had some beef stew. The meat inside was so soft and it tasted wonderful. I was satisfied.

Afternoon, we went to a tour with the local students from elementary school and junior high school as a guide for me. They took me to a lot of places and tried their best to explain to me in English. I was moved to see that.

During my stay in Tohoku, I realized that I didn’t know as much about Tohoku as I thought. So it was a great experience for me.

Ko Sato
Furukawa Gakuen High School

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