Human’s Individual Power

It was a pretty busy day as well. Today’s start was a debrief of activities so far at American Councils. We gathered our own opinions and chose favorite one.

  • Follow your dreams, don’t allow others to hinder you—believe in your dreams
  • Race is a social view, we are all humans
  • Music is a common language

These opinions above especially received a lot of votes. By thinking deeply, we can see the true essence of things.

Next, David Nakamura, who is the White House correspondent, came to American Councils. We were supposed to visit the Washington Post, but we couldn’t because they are preventing hidden cameras. He is working near the presidents of America and has met Barack Obama and Donald Trump many times. Through listening to his story, I learned how strong the president’s power is. Just as the president changed, not only America but also the world changed. I felt “humans’ individual power.”

After eating pizza with my friends at Columbia Heights, we met two Japanese Americans, Mary Murakami and Allen Goshi. Mary Murakami talked about her experience during WWII. Japanese Americans were forced to have an extremely hard life inside the camp. Although I learned what happened in Japan at that time in history classes, I didn’t know what actually happened in other countries, so this experience was valuable and expanded my horizons.

Finally, we learned about social entrepreneurship from Scott Rechler. After thinking about the world issues, each group established a company which is for solving the issues, and made a presentation. Our group discussed food waste and established “Food Bank.” I felt that this experience provided me a hint to find what I want to do in the future. Overall, we were all tired, but satisfied with learning a lot of important things in just one day.

Minori Kon
Keio Shonan Fujisawa Senior High School

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