Grandma Goes to Heaven while I’m in Japan

Today August 11, 2016 (11:52PM Japan time) (10:52AM American time) someone posted on my Facebook page, “My condolences goes out to you and your family.” I immediately contacted my sister, only for her to tell me that Grandma passed. My heart dropped, and I felt this feeling I never felt before. Tears came to my eyes, realizing that my grandmother passed away. Meanwhile, I’m in Japan, thousands of miles away from home. What do I do? This is a time when I should be with my family, but NO! This is my education. The crazy thing about it is my grandmother just told me yesterday August 10, 2016 how proud she was of me and she even asked me if I wanted her car. I replied to her with a smile on FaceTime and said “yes.” She then replied and said, “You have to give me rides when I want them.” I’m hurt, but I know she’s in a better place. One thing is for a fact Grandma Jo always told facts to me. Rest In Paradise My GlamAngel! ❤️

TOMODACHI is the first study abroad program I attended. I know my grandmother would be so proud of me to finish through on learning a different culture and seeing the world and being able to expand my knowledge on different ways of living. Life is precious, and I hate the fact that she’s gone. I do know that she is now resting peacefully, so I’m going to stay strong and suck it up. My selflessness would not allow me to leave early. My dad actually offered to get me a ticket for me to go back home. I refuse because I am a true believer in finishing what I started.

Tempestt Martin
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7 thoughts on “Grandma Goes to Heaven while I’m in Japan

  1. Tempestt I tell you… There is power… in the name of Jesus… I pray over you and ur sisters lives asking to cover your mind body & soul. Every word you type is of substance. I am very proud of you in every decision you make independently. Thank you for absorbing the morals that we have deposited into you. We miss you♡

  2. You are a very beautiful and strong soul and from what I just read in a few words grandmom came to be by your side always and forever. She left the very part of her to you that so many of us never get to share with our grandmothers and that is courage, respect, and a strong heart and mind. Your grandmom is proud and continue to do well I know you will considering who your mom is honey it seems like the best is yet to come keep striving for the top and beyond and know that your grandmother now walks with you every step of the way!!!

  3. Temp, I’m so proud of you!! You have brought tears of joy to my eyes just to know how strong you are! You have always been thoughtful & caring of others, & I so appreciate that about you. You know if you need anything, a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, or anything you can think of , I’m here for you. I will always support your movements in life no matter how old you get! Your godmommy is here to the end! I ❤ You ✌ Pieces – Godmommy Kee

  4. Temp you are amazing and right on point with your thoughts! You are destined for greatness! I thank God that I was chosen to be one of your family members and given the gift of watching you on this journey. Love you!

  5. Temp, not sure if you remember me but you were in girl scouts with my daughter Tiara. I just want to tell you we send our love and condolences to you thousands of miles away. Continue to make your grandmother proud even though she is not here in the flesh, but know that her spirit is right there with you. A grandmothers love is like no other. Always remember all the things she instilled in you and cherish them forever.

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