Future Sessions

Today was our second official day in Tokyo! Even though we are still jet-lagged and tired, we all are filled with energy, excited to be here, and burning to try all new things! This morning we were lucky enough to meet with Mr. Takahiko Nomura. He created and works for the Future Sessions Inc. Future Sessions focused on Social Innovation by way of sharing ideas with those of different backgrounds and working together to bring them to life, in order to better the community. Future Sessions encourages the ideas of people with different resources and mindsets to inspire each other and create something new. Often times, regular people don’t have the power or resources to bring their own ideas to life, so Future Sessions was created.

Mr. Nomura inspired us, he told us that we could change society by ourselves. After the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident, non-profit organizations, companies, and governments worked together to rebuild the community and it was very successful. Mr. Nomura invited us to participate in one of his sessions, where we walked around Shibuya for a couple hours and visited a beautiful, and ultimately peaceful park. The problem is…not many tourists are attracted to it. We split up into groups and evaluated the area and thought of ways we could make it more interesting and fun, without completely transforming the neighborhood.

After our walk, we gathered our thoughts, and each group prepared a presentation on how to improve this lovely park. From murals to greenhouses to shopping kiosks, we all expressed unique, yet great ideas! We learned that we can all be inspiring human beings and that asking questions on how to improve something will take you very far in the process of change-making. Most importantly we learned that looking at things from different perspectives will expand your horizons and take you a very long way in life.

Racquel Jones
Wilson SHS

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