Fumiya Photo Journal

Fumiya Blog Fishing 7.25.15We became “fisher persons”. It was a once in a life time experience! Fresh sea-foods, good wind, and clear sky! (the sky in the pic is not so clear tho) After we did actual fisherman’s work, we enjoyed BBQ! Then, we listened to one of the fisher persons, the discussion was so deep.

Fumiya Blog Stories 7.25.15Finally, Jarid and I handed the booklet of tsunami story translations to the two elderly women who shared their 3/11 stories. I’m glad to have met them all!

Fumiya Blog Fireworks 7.25.15In the evening we celebrated our last night in Tohoku at Minamisanriku’s festival.  The fireworks were amazing.

Fumiya Otani
Fukuoka Senior High School

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