Do you know of a Place?

The spirit of the people flowed from the Buddhist temple/
Spirituality, peace, grace, love, and activity coexisted in a path less than a mile/
A great author, Paulo Coehlo, told me about the language of the World/
And I hadn’t been able to experience it until I reached Asakusa/

Worldwide, people love/
Worldwide, people are grateful/
Worldwide, humans are on the constant search for personal betterment as it ties to that of their future lineage/

Fujin and Rajin granted my entrance/
Internal thunder enlightening me and lighting my way/
The wind pushed me along the path, whistling the energy of life past my ears/

History embraced this place like no other/
Distinctive and beautiful/
Open to all no matter race or lifestyle/
Because all humans experience spirituality, peace, grace, love, and activity in their lives/

Miles Peterson
Banneker Academic HS

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