Daniel: Destiny Calls

A long time ago in a far far land, a new life was conceived. Thanks to the mother earth, a little boy with a bright future was born, destined to travel the world and resolve conflicts in each country. This kid knew always that he will do something big. After he traveled away from home, his destiny started to call him, he knew that I was coming and he was ready for it. He is trying to accomplish what he was destined for. He has begun with a program which facilitates the process of his goal, the name of the program is…. TOMODACHI!

He was once told that if he didn’t take an opportunity, someone else will take it from him. His sensei told him that he should apply for this program which would give wisdom and experience for his way. He accepted without hesitation, promising the master that he will do his best in this journey. The process was rough and it required patience and hard work to get in. After days where he couldn’t sleep, the day was finally there. He went to a palace to talk with the shogun who ruled over the program. His breath was calm, he spoke with consistency and clearness, the shoguns (a hereditary commander-in-chief in feudal Japan) discovered something in the kid, something that made him different. After days without sleeping and without thinking in something else, he received a letter. He was excited and anxious about it. He decided to open it slowly like when a flower bloom for the first time, and then the face of the kid was full of tears, but these tears were not sad tears. He was crying because the paper said accepted.

After a few meetings with the shogun Sally-sama and Benjamin-sama, they decide to give him some training before he goes to the battlefield to fight!. For this duty no less than the emperor of the program with her Daimyos (one of the great lords who were vassals of the shogun) decide to train him and his partners. First they explained the territory which our hero will be in. With a fast quiz, they tested the knowledge of him and the others warriors, where they discovered they didn’t actually know nothing about Japan. After this, the one Daimyo started to describe the difference between these two lands, first by explaining the school system, how the students dress for school, their schedule, their responsibilities, such as cleaning the classroom and taking their shoes out before they enter in the school, a practice that the Daimyos remarked as important because even in the house everyone has to do it. That made some strange faces in our warriors, but our hero will not let him down for a few rules. Then they described the temperature and the land composition, describing it “hot like here and humid,” and their first region that they were going to battle as technologically advanced, where trains get in at the time that they said, and bigger than New York. Our warriors start to ask questions, because in Japan apparently no one speaks English and our hero only speaks English and Spanish. But the Emperor exclaims that they shall never be alone, more Shoguns (adults) will always be with them, which words calm the warriors, including our main hero.

After teaching them some words in Japanese, and many fun facts about Japan, their first training was complete. They were asked to report in a different dojo in DC, after a good night’s rest, our warriors are disposed to continue with their hard training. They went into the dojo for today’s lesson on food. The Daimyos were really kind, giving them information about the food in Japan, which is totally based on fish. They were teaching some manners on the table like saying “Itadakimasu” before they start to eat, and a very interesting lesson about the variations of food and try the food. The Emperor and Daimyo said goodbye and our warriors finished their pre-training, leaving to home with time to rest and prepare for the arrival of the allies on Saturday. This story will continue…

Carlos Daniel Ramirez
Roosevelt SHS

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