Chi – My Day on August 12th

First things first, let me tell you about. My childhood. I grew up around cartoons and anime. When I wasn’t watching anime, I was watching cartoons and when I wasn’t watching cartoons, I was sleeping. One of the animations I watched and loved was Ponyo. Though it was a while ago, I still remember my eyes gleaming with joy watching her become a human. I also got into a phase of Your Friendly Neighborhood Totoro, in which case I saw a strikingly expensive hoodie but still bought it all because of the Totoro on the front. Soo, hearing we were going to the Studio Ghibli Museum was quite the good news for me. Then I learned that we were going to Harajuku, the city of fashion, where I was planning to spend a little bit of a lot of money on clothes.

Going to the Ghibli museum was definitely a fun experience. Although the prices were a bit too much for my speed, the museum itself was definitely exciting. When I read the map, it described the museum as a maze, something I had never heard before, and said “Let’s lose our way together.” Going off of those words, that’s what I did. Trying to make our way to the rooftop (which is only accessible through the third floor spiral staircase) we ended up on the first floor–three times. We found our way to the rooftop (thankfully) then went en route to the straw hat café where we spent the rest of our allotted time. Before all of that though, we first saw a short film that can only be seen at the Studio Ghibli Museum. The film was definitely entertaining as I was prepared to cry because I was told that some of the films would make me cry. I just braced myself for any one that I saw. Afterwards we just wandered around the museum with the casual ooh and ahhs and we went to the gift shop; and my my, you know a store is overpriced when you spend around ¥1,700 for a pencil and a pen. Anyhoo then we started looking for the way to the rooftop yada yada.

When we went to Harajuku, we had two options: we could go the Meiji-jingu shrine or tour the famous Takeshita street, known for fashion. Me, being an aspiring fashionista, went the Takeshita street route. It had stopped raining not too long before we went to Harajuku but then it became hot, like really hot. Then to make the situation even better, the street was extremely crowded and boy was that fun! The stores had really nice things, but I realized that I didn’t want to blow all my money on that street, especially since we’d be going to Akihabara the next day. In that case, I budgeted myself so that I could spend money in both places, but sadly none of the shops could fit my budget. Well, except the crepe store (yum!).

That day had lots of walking and exercise, something that I don’t do much of, so I was extremely exhausted after that day. I had fun, don’t get me wrong, but the day was still packed and so was that Takeshita street.

Chi Onyeka
Banneker Academic HS

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