Busy Day and Food

Morning in the sharehouse is a special time for me. Today AJ and Jeru and Kei and Noa made breakfast. It was so good! The songs that Miles were singing while taking shower were enhancing mood.

First of all, we were discussing about “Hikikomori” with two people of Myogadani club. There are about 1 million “Hikikomori” people. In 2000, there was an incident and people became prejudice against “Hikikomori.” The power of the media is large. Many people do not doubt the information of the media. Many of them want to live well and connect with people. They need support. One of my classmates is a “Hikikomori.” He is not coming to school for a half year. I was thinking about what I could do for him. I want to understand him. Acceptance, empathy, congruence (being genuine); I value this and I want to make a fun class and wait for him to come.

And we ate soba. It was cold and the best. Heavenly was eating deliciously next to me.

Secondly, we visited IDEO. IDEO is a global design company committed to creating positive impact. They will design the future to create innovative products and services and create new business aiming for overseas expansion. The office was a space I’ve never seen before. I felt like a place where a worker could freely be theirself. And we shared about the world in 2040. I would like to share my opinion. I will be a photographer. This job is to communicate the unknown. I will solve lack of empathy for many travelers. It was very difficult to think of the future but it was fun.

In Harajuku we went to Meiji shrine and Takeshita street. We paid a visit to a Shinto shrine. Takeshita street looked like a jungle. I went shopping with Carlos and Heavenly. Why is Harajuku always so crowded?

After that I went shopping with AJ and Jeru in “Urahara”. It was so fun!

We went to “Bio ojiyan café.” I was happy to have delicious meal with a nice atmosphere.

I am looking forward to seeing what we can see and what we can eat tomorrow.

Fuka Matsumoto
Iwaki Koyo High School

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