Battle Strategies

The battles have been rough, it’s being a full time job 24/7, battles which our heroes have overcome successfully. After exploring the Tokyo land, they were transported to Tohoku, an undiscovered and magnificent place to be, where a long time ago the Namitsu, an ancient and furious dragon, whipped the earth, creating big waves destroying one of the most beautiful places on earth. The region was devastated but their spirit of warriors stuck with them.

Our heroes were gathered together to discuss many battle strategies in the Sustainability Center-Dojo in Minamisanriku, with Dazai Sensei, to confront Ivda, the life demon. They were divided in three different factions: Nature (Earth), Tourism (Air), and Education (Fire). Each faction came with a Vision and Mission, a goal to reach within the groups. Their ideas were varied.

Four of them wanted to save the nature by challenges and funny ideas. The Air group wanted to use commercials to bring tourists to Tohoku. And Fire wanted to work with kids and seek for a better future. They spent the day discussing and evolving their ideas, to present to the commanders, so they could make the plan a reality if our heroes wanted to. Their last day in Tohoku spent planning and gathering ideas to their bright future seemed really special. The next generation seems to be very bright.

Carlos Daniel Ramirez
Roosevelt SHS

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