Arjernae: I Can’t Wait

It is not everyday someone gets the opportunity to go to Japan, especially not at my age. Though I may not particularly show it, I am ecstatic at the fact that I was chosen. At first I was in denial about the idea, but as the days begin to count down realization sinks in. I am still shocked at the fact that in a couple of days or less I’ll be learning firsthand about Japanese culture instead of reading about it in a book.

When we met with American Councils and I found myself eating Japanese food for the first time, I nearly froze. I found myself continuously repeating “this is happening, this is not a dream” to myself. Since then I’ve been practicing using chopsticks and table manners as well as speech, just so I can be somewhat prepared for the V.I.P. guests. I was most impressed by the table manners and food. In America there are certain things that are absolutely rude to do at the table, like slurping. Then I find out in Japan slurping is appreciated and encouraged, who would’ve thought! The display of foods is especially intriguing to me, plastic never looked so delicious!

In all honesty, I can’t wait to meet the rest of the TOMODACHI members and I can’t wait to set foot in Japan, ready to take pictures.

Arjernae Miller
Phelps ACE High School

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