A huge thank you to our generous contributors. You are awesome!

The U.S.-Japan Youth Exchange Program is funded by the TOMODACHI Initiative’s Fund for Exchanges through contributions from Toyota Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Hitachi, Ltd. Support has been provided since 2013 for five consecutive years through their generosity.

The World We Want Foundation also contributed to the project in 2013.

Additional support has been received from local and other donors:

Cherry Blossom Circle  ($500+)
American Experience Foundation

Champions  ($250+)
James Dandridge
Ann Rollins

Boosters  ($100+)
Anne Eigeman
Yoshiaki Fujiki
Yuuki Shinomiya

Fans  ($25+)
Zarrin Caldwell
Sean Carroll
Scott Rechler

And thank you to our anonymous donors, as well.