A walk for another culture

It is the end of the week and our heroes were in intense training in different dojos. Our heroes deserve a break, which was in the center of the town, more specific the center of Chinatown, but some of the native warriors from the town had to go early. They decide to rest from the visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and a walk on the National Mall. Some of our heroes decide to celebrate the first week of training, but because they are underage, it was decided to go to a festival. Daniel our protagonist was excited to pass time with the allies from the other land that he decided to stay with them. When our heroes arrived by walking a long way, passing through Chinatown, they were able to see the festival in the middle of the street, where they met warriors from different part of the world who teach them the martial art: “Capoeira.” So Daniel-kun, Chi-chan and Noa-chan decided to try this foreign martial art, which in the opinion of everyone Chi-chan was the best one.

Then some of our heroes played this ancient game which requires patience, precision and geometry: JENGA. Later on Daniel-kun went to this millennial’s game, checkers, with Chi-chan in a rough battle of intelligence, which in both times Daniel-kun proclaimed himself as a the champion and Chi-chan, sensei. In the meantime the others were learning how to paint graffitis, a different game attracted their attention where they decided to play until the sun went down, It was a fun day full of happiness and memories that will not go away. The end of the first week finished when everyone decided to leave this place but with knowing that their bonds are stronger.

Carlos Daniel Ramirez
Roosevelt SHS

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