2018 Japan Program

Here’s what we did in this year’s Japan program:

Mon, July 30

DC and Japanese students arrive at Narita Airport

Tues, July 31

Japan Program Orientation
Visit to Edo Tokyo Museum
Walk through Asakusa

Wed, Aug 1

Visit to Future Sessions, Inc.
Fieldwork in Shibuya City – “Project Shibuya”

Thurs, Aug 2

Myogadani Club – social issues surrounding youth such as the “hikikomori” (social withdrawal epidemic)
Visit to IDEO Tokyo
Tohoku Program Orientation

Fri, Aug 3

Travel from Tokyo to Kesennuma
Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in Kesennuma – Kataribe (storytelling walk)

Sat, Aug 4

Kesennuma Tourism and Convention Bureau
Discussions with the younger generation of Kesennuma
Visit to Seiryoin Temple and experience Zazen

Sun, Aug 5

Kesennuma “Minato Matsuri” Summer Festival Day and experience Uchibayashi Japanese drums
Drawing workshop with NPO Hamawarasu, a nonprofit that works with local children to enjoy and live together with the ocean again

Mon, Aug 6

Travel to Minamisanriku
Impact of the Great Japan Earthquake
Meeting with Mayor Sato

Tues, Aug 7

Sustainability of the Ocean (Fisherman’s Banya)
Sustainability of the Forest (Saku)

Wed, Aug 8

Minamisanriku Fukkoudakonokai, Iriya YES Factory
Minamisanriku BIO (“Best Integrated Operation”)
Sustainability Center and Next Commons Lab

Thurs, Aug 9

Sustainability Center – Workshops/discussions on how to create social change
Action Plans

Fri, Aug 10

Walk through Matsushima, one of the three most beautiful spots in Japan

Sat, Aug 11

Discussion/Reflections, Preparation for Student Presentation and Deliverable

Sun, Aug 12

Free Day

Mon, Aug 13

Briefing and Final Preparations for Presentations
Student Presentation
Final Student Dinner, Reflections and More

Tues, Aug 14

DC Students depart for Washington, DC