A single word doesn’t define a country

Hey everyone it’s Jeff here again! And I’m going try to make this topic short but detailed.

So, I was reading a book by Héctor García called “A Geek in Japan,” and it talks about the Japanese culture and its roots as a country. However it also talks about the religion of the Japanese which I found extremely interesting because people often call Japan a homogeneous country, which it is on the surface. But deep down it actually has a lot of diversity which made it the country it is today, such as their religion which they’ve gotten from a multitude of different places. Such as Buddhism which they adapted from India and even Confucianism which was adapted from China. And even some sports we have they’ve also adopted like baseball, horseback riding and some more!

But what I’m trying to get at is never judge a book by its cover, though in this case it’ll be a country….anyway, though things may seem simple and the same on the outside doesn’t mean it’s actually like that when you dig deep down!

Jeffrey Jenkins
Dunbar SHS