Sierra says: For the love of Ramen, APPLY!!!

Manga Cafe SierraTo all those who are thinking about applying: Apply! For the love of Ramen. Apply!

Trust me when I say this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. It is perfectly fine to be afraid, take this from a girl who was afraid of a lot of things, including trains, planes, and elevators. Some advice for your essays is to really tell your feelings and to show your passion and open-mindedness. And to also get it reviewed by a teacher or an adult. Some advice to those who have overprotective parents like I do is to really learn about Japan and find ways to communicate using wifi. My suggestion is line. To persuade them if they are against it is to show how you REALLY want to go and prove you’re responsible. But beside that, believe me when I tell you this will change your life. It sure did change me for the better.

Sierra Queen
Hospitality HS

Malaika’s Message to Aspiring Applicants

Cat Cafe Malaika 2Dear DC Student/Aspiring Applicant: This program has a lot to offer you. It will take you across the world, let you bond with students around you, and Japanese students, who you will stay with in Japan.

  • Try new foods, some you’ll love and some not so much.
  • Do new things, like “pray” at a Buddhist or Shinto shrine.
  • The program is completely free, so you can explore the world without it being a financial burden on you or your family.
  • Open the door for your friends or peers and dispel stereotypes along the way.
  • Become more responsible, as a student and young adult.

Malaika Coleman
McKinley Technology HS

Gabby’s Message: It’s Important!

Cat Cafe GabbyGoing to Japan with the TOMODACHI program is important. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is important. Meeting new friends halfway across the world who speak another language and call another country home is important. Absorbing and seeing a new culture and way of life is important.

Japan might seem miles and miles away, but it’s closer than you think. The culture and people of Japan are closer than you think. This trip is meaningful and special just for this reason – it brings an entirely new culture to your front door. So put your reservations aside and apply – the program will change your life in new ways and expand your mindset in the most important ways.

Gabby Towson
School Without Walls

Micah’s Advice to New Applicants

Micah in YukataI want to tell you future Tomodachians the value of this new relationship between you and your Japanese besties. They will quickly be parts of your heart, filled with inside jokes and great karaoke experiences, and you will carry these treasures in your heart for a very long time. You should understand you should keep in touch, because it’s easy to fall off with someone you definitely won’t see every week. The friendship will not only be a treasure in the name of love, but when you are all adults important to the world, we can create a deeper trust between America and Japan strongly through these friendships.

Micah Guthrie
Washington Latin PCS